am I the only one who really likes it when ur holding someone’s hand and they just rub their thumb across yours

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i’m very easily amused, as you can see

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let’s 96 (ignore each other)

(lay next to each other and appreciate each other’s existence)


comforting ur friends when they’re feeling bad about themselves like



it sucks when you have a bad teacher for a subject you’re genuinely interested in

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guinness world records man: sir you have done nothing but do pushups from this one spot for 20 years with no rest. what drives you?
me, still doing pushups: i wanna push this planet out of the idiot solar system and into the horrifying abyss of the unknown universe and this is the only way I know how
world records man, in awe: [drops everything and instantly begins doing pushups next to me]
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i bet my tongue is stronger than yours wanna find out



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the “i’m not afraid to verbally assault a middle schooler if they look at my kid the wrong way” haircut


"Can I speak to the manager" haircut

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When artists say they suck at arting

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"why be straight and cis when u can be queer and tr-"

hi lets not treat lgbtq+ identities like fashion trends

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Witnesses say they asked Britney why she shaved her head and her response was, “I’m tired of plugging things into it. I’m tired of people touching me.”

i can never not reblog this

T-Pain: “That was the most beautiful thing in the world. Do you know why she was shaving her head? Because it was so important to other people. She is like, “Listen. Don’t touch my hair anymore. Stop touching my hair.” People were like, “We’ve got to make your hair before you go outside. You can’t leave.” She went … “Now I don’t have hair. What you going to do?”

The older I get the more her breakdown seems less ‘unbalanced’ and more ‘completely understandable’

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I just accidentally broke my owl by dropkicking it down the stairs but its ok because i fixed him

i feel like “accident” and “dropkicking it down the stairs” don’t belong in the same sentence

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